Extra episode: Don Ginsel (CEO Holland Fintech) live from Money 2020 Europe: “What’s new at the conference and how does it feel in (post) Covid times?”

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In this episode we recorded live from Money2020 Europe and spoke with Don Ginsel, the CEO of Holland Fintech, on his first day at the conference. We discussed, among other things: what is new, how it feels in (post) covid times, what the trends are with start-ups/scale-up exhibitors as well as what he observed in terms of more traditional financial firms at the conference. Please enjoy!

Want to learn more about Don Ginsel, please also listen to a long format interview with him previously with Leaders in Finance (episode #29).

Don Ginsel about his experiences at Money2020 in a conversation with Jeroen Broekema (host of the Leaders in Finance podcast)

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You find the transcription of the interview here: Don Ginsel.

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